Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with our tasty desserts.
We have a rotating weekly menu but for weekday savories:
  • Cheese rolls
  • Nutella hand pies
  • Brookies 
  • Cookies 
  • Croissants - butter, chocolate & almond
  • Cupcakes - rotating daily flavors
  • Savory Empanadas - chicken, pork & beef
  • Ham & cheese puffs
  • Mini pies & more
On the Weekends we push the boundaries with our creative and tasty one of a kind signature desserts.
  • All weekday items
  • Rotating Tres leches cake flavors: Original, Ube, Mango Coconut, Coffee, Matcha Strawberry
  • Ube Croissants
  • Cardenal Cake
  • Flavorful Cake Cups
  • Cannolis: Chocolate chip, Ube & Nutella
Every week we add to the menu something New!